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Custom framing - Special items need special treatment

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Have you got some special items stored away that don’t see the light of day?


Cherished valuables are often stored safely but not enjoyed as they could be.

Wellington picture frames Petone Frameworks can help you bring treasures out to be admired and yet protected. 


Family war memorabilia, old papers, grandmothers christening gown, an historic family bible – everyone has something they value stored away.

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21st Birthday Medals feathered artwork

Judith recently mounted her grandmothers' spectacles and other personal belongings.

The items came from both of her grandmothers, and they had been stored in a drawer.

All of the pieces are broken, but they were never going to be discarded.

These pieces hold great sentimental value to Judith and they now adorn a wall where she can enjoy them.
Grans Treasures


Want to mount a fragile or valuable item but worried it might get damaged?


Looking after family and personal treasures carries with it responsibilities of care.  You want to pass them on in good condition.


At Petone Frameworks, we ensure that the mounting techniques used are reversible, and we take great care to avoid marking or damage.  Items can be retrieved from their mounting undamaged.


Conservation and protection is a science and we enjoy the challenges some of the more unusual objects raise.


Let’s throw some ideas around and display that valuable piece in it's best light.

Bring your objects and artwork into our Jackson Street shop and we’ll work with you to come up with something special.


Stella and the team welcome you to come and see us in our bright, new shop.
We have the room, lots of options, and the time to help you with your framing needs. 




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