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Mat Cutting Services for creative ideas

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Do you have something to frame and want it to stand out?


Creating a distinctive frame can be a challenge but we have the answer.

Petone Frameworks has a state of the art mat cutter which opens up creative possibilities. 


The mat is the card which lies between the frame and the picture and the mat cutter cuts the card to any shape you want.




Why do you need to put a mat around a picture?


To create interest and intensity.


For protection.  The mat keeps the artwork and the glass separated.


When there are multiple pictures to be framed in a single frame.


When the picture is too small for the frame.



We Frame Memories

Not the creative type?


An item you have on display will draw attention and you want to be sure it looks right.


No problem, Judith and Glenn are happy to offer advice on which type of mat would suit your photo, artwork or mounted item.


If a photo is fairly busy with a lot of activity, the key is often to give it a less complicated feel. Try a neutral mat to compliment the picture, this is not boring; rather the opposite. 


Neutral photo matting shifts the focus to the photo and a second mat layer can be a good option, with the contrasting accent colour exposed around the edges of the photo.




What if you need to match a frame and mat when framing in future?

There's nothing worse than seeing a series of pictures whose have subtle mis-matches.

Petone Frameworks keep details of your sizes, mat types, designs and colours so they can easily remake them when you want a matching frame or replacement.


Stella and the team welcome you to come and see us in our bright, new shop.
We have the room, lots of options, and the time to help you with your framing needs. 




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