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Restoring and repairing artwork and frames

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Need to repair a damaged picture but worried about the damage to your wallet?


You don't want to spend money on a damaged artwork, frame or photo if it's not going to be salvageable - that's money down the drain.


Don’t worry; Petone Frameworks will happily put you in the picture. Drop in for a chat, we’re happy to assess broken frames, and make recommendations, it’ll cost you nothing. 

Petone Frameworks frame pictures and we also repair picture frames and restore damaged paintings.

It's important your business looks professional to.  We'll repair or replace any chipped or marked frames and have them back on your wall pronto.



You don't want to spend money fixing an old frame when it's going to cost as much as a new one.


Sometimes it is cheaper for you to replace a frame than repair it, but ornate frames may be valuable or compliment the artwork and it may be important to retain these frames and repair the damage. 


We know what’s possible and can swiftly advise.  We love these mouldings and pride ourselves in bringing them back to their original state.




Has your painting had a brush with death or is it faded and worse for wear?


Discovering a painting you value has been accidentally torn or marked can be heartbreaking.  Even realising that your picture has somehow lost its lustre over time is disappointing. 

At Petone Frameworks we hate to see paintings suffer and take pleasure in bringing back their original vibrancy.  We have a talented and skilled artist who repairs damaged and torn paintings so you can enjoy your artwork as was intended.



Is your oil painting losing its gloss?


Every so often oil paintings need attention to prevent discolouration from accumulated dirt and smoke particles.


You’ll be surprised what cleaning and varnishing can do. 


The look on the faces of customers when they pick up their restored treasures is priceless; they are so often amazed at the difference.




What about damaged watercolour paintings, can they be fixed?


Watching a watercolour slowly gather stains, specks, spots and blotches can be depressing.

‘Foxing’ is a common problem because watercolour paper is designed to absorb moisture. Paintings hung on dark walls, in damp areas or humid conditions, or even stored in the garage can be affected by fungus discolouration. 


Bring your problem painting in and we’ll take a look at the damage, it’ll cost you nothing and we may well be able to retrieve it.






Stella and the team welcome you to come and see us in our bright, new shop.
We have the room, lots of options, and the time to help you with your framing needs. 




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